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We have multiple showroom stores for our various golf carts for sale – our main location is in Riviera Beach, and we also have stores in Fort Lauderdale and Vero Beach. Recently, we opened a new store in Miami, with golf carts for rental and for sale, and golf cart parts and accessories for sale. If you’re interested in our Miami golf cart inventory, you can use our contact form to get in touch with us for any questions about cart or accessory stocks.

Our Miami store is located at 10705 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33161.

Miami Golf Cart Sales

America EV Golf Cart

miami golf cart, golf carts for sale miami, golf cart partsAmerica EV is our own golf cart brand, headquartered in Riviera Beach, where we assemble our unique, custom carts from the ground up with brand new, high-quality parts. Our California Roadster and 39 Roadster are a favorite of many customers, both renting and purchasing, and we also have the EV Wagon, EV Luxe, EV Caliber, and Mokee golf carts. Read more about our America EV golf carts at our America EV website.

Advanced EV Golf Cart

miami golf cart, golf carts for sale miami, golf cart partsAdvanced EV golf carts are commonly rented to customers looking for a standard street legal golf cart. The carts come standard with a programmable 350 amp AC drive Toyota controller and 4kW 5.5 hp motor capable of producing a top speed of 25 mph. These carts are available in a large variety of  colors and are available with color-matching seat options. The Advanced EV golf carts are available in both lifted and non-lifted 2, 4 and 6-passenger models. Read more about Advanced EV carts on our main website, Prime Golf Cars.

Bintelli Beyond Golf Cart

miami golf cart, golf carts for sale miami, golf cart partsBintelli Beyond vehicles are built from an aluminum frame and roof supports, and come complete with an AC motor, LED lighting, a backup camera, a Bluetooth sound system, a color-matched extended roof, a rear set that can be flipped and turned into a flatbed-like surface for transporting materials, two-toned premium seats, hydraulic disk brakes, head lights and tail lights, dual USB plugs, an onboard smart charger, turn signals, DOT 3-point seat belts, a DOT windshield with powerful wipers, and DOT tires. Standard models have 14 inch wheels, and lifted models have 23 inch tires. Read more about Bintelli Beyond carts on our main website, Prime Golf Cars.

Elite EV Golf Cart

miami golf cart, golf carts for sale miami, golf cart partsAs a street ready vehicle, the Elite EV golf cart includes all safety features – headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, horn -, and is allowed on public roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less. The Elite EV golf cart comes in a range of colors and also features 10 inch alloy rims, functional front and rear bumpers, digital gauges, and more. We have them as 4 passenger standard and lifted, and 6 passenger standard and lifted. Read more about Elite EV carts on our main website, Prime Golf Cars.

Evolution Golf Cart

miami golf cart, golf carts for sale miami, golf cart partsEvolution golf carts are the current industry-leading golf cart brand, coming standard from the factory with many features that other golf carts need purchased and installed. This includes a high-capacity lithium battery, two-tone color-matched seats, color-matched 14 inch rims, a backup camera, LED touchscreen, Bluetooth sound system, and more. Evolution carts are also already street legal, with a 17-digit VIN number – other golf carts often need to be registered and certified, while Evolution carts come street legal, and only need a tag and title after purchase. Read more about Evolution carts on our main website, Prime Golf Cars.

Kodiak Golf Cart

miami golf cart, golf carts for sale miami, golf cart partsKodiak golf carts are unique in the golf cart industry, in that each one has the largest golf car cabin in its class, making it ideal for drivers and passengers who are tall with its wide open space for leg room. Another feature is the folding rear footrest – the footrest on the back of the cart can be folded in to make the cart shorter, creating more space for storage. The Kodiak golf cart also comes with a high-capacity Eco lithium battery, with an 8 year warranty. Not only are Eco lithium batteries 80% lighter than lead-acid batteries, the standard in most golf carts, they are 30% lighter than other lithium batteries. Guaranteed to work with any motor and controller upgrades that may be performed, Eco lithium batteries have a higher battery management system (BMS) than most other lithium batteries, and are not only zero maintenance, but have a 2.5 hour charging time too. Read more about Kodiak carts on our main website, Prime Golf Cars.

Cart Parts

Some of our most popular golf cart parts include our Advanced EV enclosures, available for 2 passenger, 4 passenger, and 6 passenger carts, side nerf bars for 4 passenger and 6 passenger Advanced EV carts, locking dash for Advanced EV golf carts, available in colors carbon, black, titanium, and wood-patterned, front basket for Bintelli Beyond golf carts, fender flares for lifted Evolution golf carts, and several more. All of these parts and more can be ordered at our golf cart parts and accessories website, Prime Cart Parts.

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