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This week, we’re featuring another one of our popular accessories, especially now as the weather is beginning to get colder – the golf cart rain enclosure. Riviera Beach, Florida – where Port Saint Lucie Golf Cart Rental is based out of -, is often an area of heavy wind and rain. We ship all over the country as well, to many areas also with torrential rains, as well as much colder temperatures and rapid winds. Our golf cart enclosures are made from a high quality, UV-resistant fabric that can stand up to the toughest of circumstances. Getting caught in the rain on the golf course or being splattered by sideways rain while driving down a road will no longer be a problem with our golf cart enclosure. Not only does it keep water off the cart, you, and your passengers, you’ll stay warm inside the enclosure when the winter season approaches and cold winds come billowing in.

(On the subject of winter and colder weather: check out our blog on how to store a golf cart for the winter!)

Featured here are our Icon® and Advanced EV 2, 4, and 6 passenger golf cart enclosures, including an enclosure option for 4 passenger golf carts with both sets of seats facing forward (as opposed to the standard 2 forward facing seats and 2 rear facing seats). These are custom made for the Icon® and Advanced EV golf carts, made specifically to fit their body shape. Zippers on all doors make it easy for you and passengers to enter and exit, and when not in use, the enclosure can be rolled up to the edge of the roof. When it’s time to use it again, it can then be rolled back down, zipped back together, and closed again. The Icon® and Advanced EV golf cart enclosure does not feature a plastic windshield window, as the enclosure attaches to the windshield posts. This allows for maximum visibility. Our universal cover has a removable plastic windshield window.

You can find these enclosures in our Advanced EV shop!

If you have another brand of golf cart besides Advanced EV or Icon®, such as one of the common brands Club Car, Yamaha, or EZGO, we also offer universal golf cart enclosures that will fit any golf cart. This easy to install enclosure offers protection against wind and rain and features a quick zip-off windshield along with zippered removable doors. Made from water-resistant, UV-protected fabric, this enclosure will not shrink or stretch, and the super-clear window material provides easy visibility along with protection from the elements. Zippers on the inside and outside make entry and exit simple, and when installing, the enclosure can be easily secured with adjustable quick-release buckles, and an elastic cord in the bottom hem adjusts for a custom fit. The enclosure also features reflective piping for enhanced visibility and safety for driving at night, and if you want to remove it, it’s easy to uninstall and folds down to a compact size, small enough to be carried in a duffel bag – which also comes with! Along with the enclosure, a convenient carrying duffel bag is included for when you want to removed and store the enclosure. Our 6 passenger universal golf cart enclosure, pictured below, is $445.

golf cart enclosure, advanced ev enclosure, golf cart rain enclosure

Prices of all Icon® and Advanced EV enclosures are as follows:

2 passenger – $349

4 passenger – $425

4 passenger with forward facing seats – $549

6 passenger – $895

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