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Along with rentals and sales of new golf carts, Port Saint Lucie Golf Cart Rental is also in the business of selling various types of used golf carts. Most of our used carts are in our main Riviera Beach location, but we do carry a couple in both our Fort Lauderdale and Miami stores.

Our used carts come from a variety of brands, most commonly EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha, and are carefully inspected and maintained before being priced and put up for sale. Our used carts come from customers just like you – if you are interested in selling your cart to us, use our contact form to get in touch.

Many of our used golf carts are refurbished EZGO carts, meaning that the company from where we bought them has performed upgrades inside and out on an older model. Some of the refurbished EZGO carts in the bottom gallery have been upgraded with a new controller, allowing them to reach a speed of approximately 24mph. All tires are new; when it is a lifted cart, for example, the cart receives a set of brand new, high quality 23 inch tires with 14 inch alloy rims. Other new accessories include new seats, a new flip windshield, a new lift kit (when applicable), and new LED front and rear lights.

A lot of our used Club Car carts for sale have received a speed upgrade from the previous owner – while Club Car carts could previously only maintain a speed of around 15 to 18 mph, we have several with speed upgrades that enable them to travel approximately 22mph. We also have a variety of utility carts available, often times either Club Car or Yamaha. In the gallery at the bottom of the page, you will see some of the utility carts that we’ve had – most of the time, they have the regular box-shaped utility bed, but we have had some less common flatbed style carts.

Below is a gallery of some of our fleet of used golf carts, all in good condition.

Note: At the time of writing, some of these carts have been sold, while some may still be available. Prices are included on all carts to give a general idea of factors that affect a used cart’s price, such as year and condition. For any questions about used carts, use our contact form here to send us a message. Not all carts below are street legal; only ones specified are. All carts are electric unless otherwise specified.

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